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New Products
Tyco Announces New Model CV-300B
Grooved Swing Check Valve

 Introducing the New Model BFV-300 Butterfly Valve
with Grooved or Wafer Ends

Introducing the New Model ESFR-14
Pendent Sprinklers for Warehouse and Storage Application

 Tyco Announces New Model RM-1
Riser Manifold Commercial and Residential

Tyco Announces Enhanced UL Listing
for Model ESFR-25 Pendent Sprinkler

Offering 48 FT (14,6 M) Ceiling-only Suppression
Fire Protection in Storage Occupancies

 Introducing the New 5.8K Residential
Pendent And Recessed Pendent Sprinkler

Introducing the New RAVEN Studio Sprinklers
5.6K Pendent and Horizontal Sidewall Quick Response,
Standard and Extended Coverage

 Tyco Announces New Combustible
Concealed Fire Suppression Sprinklers

New Model CC3 Sprinklers Provide Additional Depth
to NFPA 13 Category Builds

Model ESFR-17 Dry-Type Pendent Sprinklers
Early Suppression Fast Response 16.8 K-factor

 Introducing the New Red-E Cabinet
Integrated Deluge Fire Protection Package


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