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Latest News [January 24, 2018]
12-17 - November 2017 Technical Data Update
Newly Revised Tech Data Now Available
12-17 - Press Release
Johnson Controls announces new Tyco RFIII Extended Coverage Horizontal Sidewall Sprinkler, rated for light hazard occupancies
11-17 - Press Release
Tyco line of ESFR sprinklers meet UL salt spray corrosion test requirement
08-17 - Price Increase Announcement
Announcement Letter
05-17 - Press Release
Tyco Announces Newest Addition To Its Tunnel Solutions Family Of Products: Model TN-17 Horizontal Spray Nozzle
06-17 - Price Increase Announcement
Announcement Letter
08-16 - Press Release
TYCO Announces New Listing for ESFR-25 Pendent Sprinklers for Warehouse and Storage Applications
06-16 - Press Release
Tyco Achieves ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Certifications

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