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Section 7: Sprinkler Warnings, Patterns and Accessories

Installer Warnings

Sprinkler Spray Patterns

Refer to the General Description section before applying the spray pattern data

FASTFLEX Model YN25, YB25, and YB28

Flexible Sprinkler Hose Assembly

Model FH-1

Flexible Hose Available in Asia and Pacific Territories Only

Model FB

Flexible Braided Hose

Two-Piece Recessed Escutcheons and Protective Paint Caps

for Automatic Sprinkler Recessed Installation

Style 65, Style 401

Style 65 - One-Piece Flush Escutcheons
Style 401 - Two-Piece Deep Sprinkler Escutcheons

Style 60

Two-Piece Flush Escutcheon, 3/4" NPT

Model G1, G4 Guard &G1/S1, G4/S3 Guard w/Shield

K-factor=5.6 & 8.0 Sprinklers

Model G2 Guard, WS-2 Shield, and WSG-2 Guard w/Shield

K-factor=11.2 Sprinklers

Model G5 Sprinkler Guards

for Use with Series DS-1 Sprinklers, Standard, Deep, and No Escutcheons

Sprinkler Cabinets

3, 6, or 12 Capacity

Cover Plate & Protective Cap Utility Tool

Cover Plate & Protective Cap Utility Tool for Concealed Sprinklers

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